Wellness Visit or Physical Exam, what does Medicare cover actually?

Many people visit a doctor for a yearly checkup and this may include x-rays, screenings, tests, and other procedures. Examining or studying a body helps in determining no physical problem. Medicare Advantage plans do not cover as such an annual physical exam.  It may be confusing for some, here is a glance of that the Medicare covers.

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Part B Medicare welcomes Medicare visit as a cover. This visit is termed as Initial Preventive physical exam. You may be eligible for benefit once in 12 months as you get Part B enrolled. In this visit your provider, the insurance company will:

  • Evaluate and record the family and medical history, prescriptions and current health conditions.
  • Check vision, blood pressure, height and weight to get for your care a baseline.


Further tests, are based on your medical history and general health. There is no need to pay a copayment. However, remember the fact that the deductible Part B is not applicable to the visit cost.


After the visit, a personalized prevention plan will be given or a checklist with preventive services and screenings is recommended. It is best to follow the recommendations. The services are not a part of any welcome visit. In fact, you have to pay co-payment for the services recommended to get. The Part B may be deductible.


Medicare Wellness

Part B Medicare Advantage plans cover annual Wellness Visit. You may be eligible for a one year benefit, after the Part B for a period of 12 months. Medicare Advantage plans will cover once in 12 months Annual Wellness Visit.


The Annual wellness visit is to update or develop your personalized prevention plan and the visit includes:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Review of family and medical history
  • Documenting weight, height, blood pressure and routine measurements
  • personalized health advice
  • Memory loss or dementia signs

You have to pay no copayment for the Annual Wellness Visits, and these are not subject to Part B deductible. However, you may pay the cost share for some recommended services or tests.


The wrap up line is that Medicare visit is important and Annual wellness visits help the Medicare benefits such that you can stay in the best of your health. These visits accomplish the same and are not actually physical exams. There is a need to know the details so that with Medicare advantage plans you can be benefitted.