Widows Can Benefit with Medicare supplement plans

Widows Can Benefit with 2019 Medicare supplement plans

 Losing a spouse is not easy. The reality of life is nothing can replace another person and it offers a comfort to know that the widows have life insurance providing a financial secure into the future. Life insurance is not about passing money to survivors, but it is an opportunity that shows how their loved ones cared for you.

Advantages of having Medicare

The good news about Medicare supplement plans and marriage is that the coverage does not change of yours or your spouses.

Medicare for Married

The Medicare coverage for you and your spouse does not start at one time. This is because Medicare is referred to as an individual plan. You become eligible for Medicare depending on the work history of your spouse.  In fact, you become eligible even if you are not qualified because of your spouse work history. As you must get enrolled separately in Medicare, and as the starting time is not the same for both of you, you may have to sign before the other partner.

The premiums change based on your income. There are no special rates in Medicare supplement plans for couples. Each will pay a premium amount. Here is a view to understand the cost factor:

  • Part A Medicare features hospital coverage. They incur no monthly cost for working people or for spouses eligible for social security.
  • Part B Medicare feature outpatient medical coverage. The premium is based on the earnings of both earnings. The more you earn, the more you pay.
  • Part C Medicare allows a couple to have their own premium, copays, and deductible. A Medicare Advantage plan is provided by private insurance company with Part A and B services. A separate premium is charged by the company and you will be eligible for benefits such as prescription drugs. You may use the network and enroll on becoming eligible with Medicare on turning 65 that offers a 7-month period and there is Oct 15th to Dec 7th as annual open enrollment period also to get enrolled with Medicare. 

Medicare for a widow/er

You can get the widow(er)’s insurance benefits as per the record of social security if the conditions are met: